Thank You :")

Let me share about my unexpected gift that came to me several months ago.
First, this fabric covered book from crafty friend, Kiara Flisha. She makes many cute notebooks and cute button fabric. Her brand is called 'Khama Khama', and if you wanna see her adorable products, you can see here.

She gave me this notebook.
Woooaa that's my favourite: butterfly printed on its cover, love it very much! :D

I'll use this lovely notebook for my next diary, hehe.
And she also gave me a vintage postcard + poem written behind it. She wrote about my poems, my writing, my works :)

" ...............
Maka teruslah bersenandung, Nona!
Ceritakan  hujan, awan, juga angin.
Dan aku suka caramu menoreh warna.
.................. "
-Kiara Flisha-

Thank youuuu, Mbak :)

Second, this is a gift from my college friend, Teh Nunu :) She is my 'partner in crime' in crafty thing, we often go to handmade bazaar or go to another crafty place together. She loves photography and  you can see some of her adorable snapshoots here.

She gave me a book about children illustration! My favourite too!

This book is full of cute illustration and so colorful.

Oooh I always adore a children book and also its illustration <3

 It's very glad to know that there's someone out there who appreciate your interest and your passion, isn't it? :') 

“The best things in life are unexpected,
because there were no expectations.”
-Eli Khamarov-

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